Letter: SUREAL hoping County residents will join them for presentation next week

Sturgeon County Residents, please join us as we engage in open and transparent communication with the Sturgeon County Council in regard to the proposed new “County Campus”, deteriorating roads, growing staff numbers and payroll costs, increased taxes and other issues. Sturgeon United Residents for Effective Accountable Leadership (SUREAL) has invited all members of Council to meet with us to respond to these issues that concern all County Residents – email 2017sureal@gmail.com or on Facebook at Sturgeon United Residents for Effective Accountable Leadership or twitter #2017sureal. Before its too late, we urge you join us on Monday, February 06, 2017 at 9 a.m. in the Sturgeon County Administration Building to hear the replies of County Council.

If not you. Then who?

• Concerned citizens have noticed that County budgets and staffing have increased over 50% the last number years, while the number of residences, County borders and County population have remained constant. Are you concerned that while your income has been frozen or rolled back that the County’s employees have recently been awarded salary increases of 3% to 6%?

• The County Council and Senior Administration are pushing forward to approve a new staff complex (County Campus) that could cost taxpayers 65 to 100 Million Dollars It will start as a Public Works Facility and then expand in the coming years to house a new Fleet Shop and Administration Building.

• Sturgeon County is projecting an increase in its tax base of around 24 Million Dollars in 2018, assuming the NWR Refinery goes into production. After tax increases of 2% to 9% over the past 4 years, the residents of Sturgeon County deserve to have a voice in spending priorities.

• Poor road construction practices and poor maintenance are ongoing concerns.

• The Municipal election is just months away, now is a good time to follow up on the results of the past term and future plans of the Mayor and Council.

We have invited Mayor Flynn and the Councillors from all six Divisions within the County to join us at a meeting on February 6th, 2017 at 9:00 am in the current County Administration Building to engage in an open and transparent discussion regarding these key issues.

Make sure your voice is heard! Don’t sit on the sidelines waiting until it’s too late. Mark your calendar to attend on Monday, February 6th at 9:00 am.

Sturgeon United Residents for Effective Accountable Leadership

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