Champion Petfoods named one of Alberta’s Top Employers

by Morinville News Staff

Champion Petfoods have been named one of Alberta’s Top 70 Employers of 2017; the second year Champion has been recognized as a top employer in the province.

Alberta’s Top Employers is an editorial competition that recognizes Alberta-based employers that lead their industries in offering exceptional places to work.

“We are very excited to be recognized as one of Alberta’s Top Employers!” said Frank Burdzy, President & CEO, Champion Petfoods, in a release Wednesday. “Our team’s dedication to furthering our vision to be trusted by pet lovers everywhere is displayed each and every day in their commitment to our values. It is our outstanding team that has allowed us to be recognized for this award.”

Nominated employers are evaluated on several criteria: Physical Workplace; Work Atmosphere & Social; Health, Financial & Family Benefits; Vacation & Time-Off; Employee Communications; Performance Management; Training & Skills Development; and Community Involvement.

Kristina Leung, the Senior editor, noted demographics are very much part of the conversation.

“With Canada’s youngest workforce, Alberta is uniquely positioned to continue diversifying its economy with a large pool of highly skilled and talented employees.”

Champion Petfoods manufacture Biologically Appropriate foods that mirror the evolutionary diets of dogs and cats. The product uses fresh regional ingredients, and are prepared exclusively in the company’s own kitchens, one of which is at the company’s home base in Morinville. The product is available in more than 80 countries.

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  1. Good on Champion for employing people especially in today’s NDP’s anti business climate! So I Googled who the people were behind the group doing the survey and found that they were a multi-media group primarily sponsored by the Calgary Herald and Edmonton Journal. (Alberta’s Top Employers is a joint
    venture publication of Postmedia Network Inc.
    and Mediacorp Canada Inc). Hmmmmmmm.
    That aside, again kudo’s to Champion for employing people. A good corporate citizen in that area but too many days and nights have the citizens spent having to live with the garbage smell they emit from time to time and as it appears there is no resolution, as promised by them, to get rid of this foul odor. And nor does it seem to be paid attention to by the people that were elected to govern the town of Morinville. They have turned a blind eye to this odor problem. More to come on that when it’s election time.

  2. I don’t. Know statistics, but it is one.of the larger employers here. They make an effort to contain the odor. They also do a lot for.this community, congratulates to them.

  3. Yes Debbie to employing people and yes to a lot for the Community… BUT the people in and outside of Morinville are forced to suffer the disgusting garbage odor, eliminating what good they do. Too many people that want to have a nice odor free life are forced to put up or shut up. So, Two things: ONE..they have promised to stop that odor for many years DID NOT HAPPEN! and there doesn’t appear to be a desire by Champion Foods to mitigate that problem other than fear mongering by threatening to move their business to another location, which would be cutting your nose off to spite your face, my opinion. TWO…if there was a desire to be a good corporate citizen and given the fact that they are a champion of employing people, could they not be an even greater corporate citizen by eliminating the odor and not forcing the citizens to put up or shut up……..Just saying

  4. Sorry, who exactly was asked and why weren’t employees a part of the decision. Can guarantee Champion would have a bit of a black eye…… Truth be told they ‘may’ be the top employer, but they rank the lowest in employee care and safety . Just saying….

  5. Deborah, your response is interesting. To your question why the employees were not invited, one can go online to the following link and or call 416-964-6069 x5334 and/or email to and ask them how they arrive at their decision on the top 100 Alberta Companies. fyi – as I understand, senior editors contact the businesses to interview them and then rate them. Hmmmmmm
    Please feel free to contact them for your own evaluation. It would be interesting to know how extensive the interview process is and who all are involved. One would wonder if they did an on site interview were they exposed to the stench the citizens and employees are exposed to. Just saying…..

  6. The smell situation is MUCH better than it used to be. Let’s run these guys out of town and lose tens of thousands in community donations and have a huge increase to our taxes so that we can offset the loss in tax contributions made by this company. Let’s be honest, who the heck is looking to move their manufacturing business to Morinville to repalce these guys in their current location. Especially after conditions are put on what they can manufacture and what type of odors it puts off.

    Do I hate the occasional smell (maybe once a month and I spend 95% of my time in town), no but it’s not nearly as bad as it used to be. I rather you leave town than this business.

  7. Jeff: Where did you get the numbers when you write of “Tens of thousands” Example is it 10, 20, 50 thousand???? And by fact how much in taxes do they actually pay compared to other businesses in Morninville? One could say that the donations and tax contributions are great, BUT Champion could be a better corporate citizen and rid us of the disgusting smell. Re me moving: if I listed my house for sale and you were a potential out of town buyer and arrived to preview my listing and the disgusting smell was prevalent that day Would you still be interested in buying my home?

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