Letter: How do we say Thank You to Morinville?

Dear Editor and the community of Morinville

I’ve spent the last year thinking about how say thank you? The words say what I mean, yet they don’t seem enough. How do you express your gratitude to a community who opened their doors and hearts, gave you a sense of hope, and tried to help you find some normality during a time of chaos? Can a simple Thank You portray the everlasting impact of genuine kindness and love that a community showered on my family?

On May 3, 2016 my life and my family’s life changed forever. As a family of five (plus our loveable dog) we found ourselves refugees. We didn’t know what to do or where to go; we were in complete shock. Our dear friends, The Herceg’s opened their home and the Loutitt family became temporary residents of Morinville.

Life for the next two months was filled with chaos and uncertainty, but so many kind and generous people of Morville brought some normality to our lives. Thank you, Morinville RV Park who accommodated us, our dog and our trailer which we were able to retrieve from up north. Thank you, Sturgeon RV who got us into our trailer (keys were at home), stocked our fridge with food and gave me a much-needed hug.

As a mother my energy was focused on my children and their need for a sense of security, schedule and normality. My heart would break everyday having them ask me, “Mom when are we going home?” The community of Morinville once again showed me their compassion and empathy for our unique situation. Thank you, Primeau Middle School for making room for my oldest daughter (who has been to four different schools in 2016) and making her transition easy. She made wonderful friends and her teacher Mr. Raypold made an everlasting impression on her. Thank you, Notre Dame for accommodating my son, and to the Principal and Vice Principal for letting me breakdown in your office and comforting me a needed hug. Thank you, Carolyn Hawkins (The Herceg’s neighbor) who took in my youngest while I worked to organize volunteers for the re-entry and recovery of my community. My daughter found love in her home. Thank you,

Morinville soccer association and coach Mike for letting me register my son the last minute. You gave him a few hours a week to remember to be a kid and not worry about our situation, a mother couldn’t ask for more. Thank you, Joy Thimer for distracting me with good conversation and a great cup of coffee.

Thank you, Brad and Joyce Herceg for being our ‘Rock’ during the most trying time our family has ever been through. You opened your door without hesitation, you kept us focused when shock set in, you gave us roots (even if they were only temporary), you helped me laugh again and you gave me a hug (and a good drink) when I needed it. Thank you, Shayla and Trista Herceg for being the bestest friends my kids could have. You shared your house, toys, schools and friends. You are the coolest kids, and we love you so much.

So, is Thank You really enough? Maybe not, but sometime there just is no words to describe the overwhelming impact people make on your life. The wonderful people of Morinville will forever have a special place in my heart. I only hope that one day I can honor them and pay it forward.

Thank you, Morinville for teaching me the real meaning of a good hug and the healing power it truly holds.

Katie Loutitt

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  1. Thank you so much. My husband and I have thought of you often and wondered how you are all doing. It was a pleasure meeting you.

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