Council green-lights a new bike path

by Tristan Turner
Morinville News Correspondent

Council approved a small expense to mark a path along the east side of 100 Street next to the Morinville industrial park. The trail, intended for pedestrians and bikes, is based on a current path that exists in the same area, although it needs a bit of work resurfacing the trail and new paint markings.

The total cost for the project is pegged at near or under $1000, though an actual concrete figure was not provided.

The new trail is intended to connect with the current trail from south glens along 100 Street.

Deputy Mayor Boutestein championed the original information request that brought the project forward from public works, and made the motion that evening to move ahead with the project.

Councillor Dafoe asked Boutestein to amend the motion to have the project paid from photo enforcement revenue as per Council policy.

Boutestein’s amended motion passed unanimously with no debate.

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