Town collects more weight for food bank than originally thought

by Morinville News Staff

Morinville residents gave 2.2 times the food last Friday than originally thought.

In an email to Morinville News Nov. 30, Corporate Communications Coordinator Felicity Bergman said the weight was released in pounds but should have been in kilograms.

“We originally believed the weight was in pounds, but it was measured in kilograms, so in pounds, it should have been 3474 lbs collected total,” Bergman wrote.

Of that amount, approximately 226 kg was collected on the Thursday from local businesses and 1350kg on the Friday at No Frills and Sobeys.

Based on information released by the Town immediately after the event last week, Morinville News reported that this year’s tally was a third of the 5720 pounds collected in 2016. While the numbers were down this year, the kilogram/pound differential makes that less so.

The annual charity event had a record year in 2013 with 7255 pounds collected. The following year saw a more than 50 per cent drop to 3546 pounds due to sub-zero weather. This year’s taly is still a record low for the annual initiative.