Government extends tuition freeze

Continuing the freeze on tuition and fees through the 2018-19 academic year will keep post-secondary education affordable and accessible for 250,000 full and part-time students and apprentices, the Government of Alberta said Thursday.


National Column: Why Twitter shouldn’t ban Trump

A glance at user policies suggests the U.S. president already violates many of The Twitter Rules that fall under “content boundaries” and “abusive behavior.” The verified account @realDonaldTrump is a veritable clearing house of threats, insults, lies, provocations, slurs, deceptions and wilful distractions. […]


National Column: Michelle Obama shares lessons on racism, resilience in T.O. speech

It takes considerable power of personality to envelop 3,000 people in a conversation that feels like a family room chat. Michelle Obama, whose path has taken her from the public schools of the south side of Chicago to Ivy League schools and the White House, did just that – and effortlessly. […]


Ordering online has APPeal for local restaurant

With the holiday season upon us, many local businesses are concerned with the impact online shopping will have on them this Christmas. But one local business is hoping ordering online will not only increase business but provide customers with faster service and a better dining experience. […]

Local News

Marvelous Moms Adopt-a-Family underway for the sixth year

What began as a way for a couple of local mothers to connect over coffee and over the Internet has expanded to a network of hundreds of Morinville and area moms who are once again uniting for a noble purpose – making sure no family is left behind this Christmas season. The marvellous idea reinforces the group’s self-chosen name – Morinville Marvelous Moms. […]


Government says new bill would improve the wellbeing of Albertans

The government says An Act to Protect the Health and Well-being of Working Albertans would improve workplace health and safety and provide fair compensation and meaningful support to injured workers and their families. The changes would also ensure Alberta workers have the same rights and protections as other Canadians. […]