Open House for Fable Gardens Hall this weekend

by Lucie Roy

The former Parish Hall renamed the Fable Gardens Hall has undergone some much-needed renovations over the last year. This includes a complete interior facelift upstairs, new gold-coloured curtains, crystal chandeliers, paint job, and new flooring in the entryway.

Just walking in the circa 1950s hall one can see many improvements with the bright light coming through as they enter the building and the light floor colouring of the steps and the opened up area at the top of the stairs. The landing provides for photo opportunities with the bride and groom with the chandelier in the background.

The renovations have now enabled the Fable Garden Hall to receive guests for their weddings, receptions, banquets, meetings and other functions with a seating capacity of approx. 330.

Gary White, the Fable Garden Hall Event Scheduler along with Robert Chauvet provided a quick tour of the venue. They will be hosting an Open House Sunday, 8 April from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Chauvet said they replaced all of the old blue curtains and have new curtains for the stage and the upper windows will have curtains as well to replace the old tattered blinds. Chauvet said they have dressed it up so now it is becoming and more attractive for weddings and they currently have made the building’s main floor accessible through a ramp.

Chauvet said the idea now is that when they have weddings, people can go over to the Fable Garden by the waterfall and the facility’s river. They can get a photo package and a pass so they can get in on the grounds.

“There used to be a lot of people, half of Morinville and area that used this hall,” Chauvet said of the former Parish Hall. “Weddings bring life back to the community. And I think if we can start having people start coming here and get the ceremony here and get passes for the bridal party to go by the river and the bridge for some photo opportunities. Because the Fable Gardens should be a family event, with the waterfall, river and over 500 geraniums. My wife Hien, who looks after all of the landscaping, ordered the perennials last fall. She ordered the geraniums, and around May 7 they will be out planting and have an official opening around the long weekend of May.”

They still have work to do. One of the next steps is refurbishing an antique piano to flow with the ambiance of the stage. Other work includes re-waxing the floor upstairs, painting ceiling fans, redoing the landing and stairs going downstairs with white tile, as well as painting the exterior of the building and redecorating when weather permits as well as new signage outside.

Chauvet said the community is growing and there are never enough halls for all the possible rentals in town and this hall would provide another venue and they can partner with the Fable Gardens site for photos with the bridge.

“It is our wish to bring life back to this wonderful old building which was the heart of our community and provided us with so many of our memories and special occasions,” Chauvet said.

Gary White can be reached at 780-572-3343, after Apr. 12 at 780-939-4115.

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