Kinder Morgan suspends non-essential spending on the Trans Mountain expansion

by Morinville News Staff

Premier Rachel Notley issued a press conference Sunday in response to Kinder Morgan suspending non-essential spending on the Trans Mountain expansion.

Premier Notley said Albertans have been clear – they want the pipeline built. The Premier said tens of thousands of jobs and billions of dollars to the economy depend upon it, as do better schools and hospitals.

“Kinder Morgan has put a deadline of May 31 in place, and I regret that the company is frustrated by not knowing on how many more legal fronts it will need to fight,” Notley said. “We have won a series of important and decisive legal victories. The courts threw out B.C.’s last case without even hearing it. And I am confident we will continue to win.”

Notley went on to say Federal Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr has called on the B.C. Government to suspend all threats of delay to the Trans Mountain expansion.

“Those are strong words, but we need more,” Notley said. “We are calling on the federal government to act in the defence of Alberta and working people in Western Canada.”

Notley had some words of her own for the Government of British Columbia.

“First, Premier Horgan believes he can harass this project without economic consequences for his province. He is wrong. We will be bringing forward legislation in coming days giving our government the powers it needs to impose serious economic consequences on B.C. if its government continues on its present course.”

Notley went on to say Premier Horgan is wrong if he believes he can harass the investors and managers of Kinder Morgan to give up, and kill the project.

“Alberta is prepared to do whatever it takes to get this pipeline built – including taking a public position in the pipeline,” Notley said. “Alberta is prepared to be an investor in the pipeline. If we take that step, we will be a significantly more determined investor.”

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    • How can you say something so ridiculous? The provincial government had been doing everything to getting this going. Wow.

  1. She doesn’t follow through with her threats so I don’t think the bc premier will take her seriously. If he doesn’t comply with her she better be able to pull the trigger and shut down the oil or she will be just another photo op politician.

    • Name one thing… Please. Considering they’ve followed through with pretty much everything they’ve said they were going to do… Tick tock.. I expect an response.

    • Urick Hunt from what I understand she never did stop the flow of wine to Alberta . When she went to British Columbia to talk to her ndp counter part nothing was mentioned about kml. It sounds like your a ndp supporter and tick tock what the hell is that all about? And like you say they have pretty much done what they said they would do and that is quite disappointing to a conservative like my self. I hope I have answered you questions.

  2. So with all the bantering back and forth here with Mr. Hunt(some where he gets personal), I now invite Mr. Hunt to pretend that he would be the Premier of this province and come up with a solution of how he would get this pipeline built, without trying to pass the buck on to the Federal government and be specific as to how he would deal with the BC NDPers to get this essential pipeline going. And please be specific and detailed in your reply. If you come up with an answer that would work may I suggest that you run as an MLA for the NDP in the next upcoming election. Oh, one thing further, I asked you a specific question on March 28 on a much different article.I’ve yet to see your response. It appears that you are really good at making statements that have no foundation or backup. So to use your words…tick tock…I expect a response to all.

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