Morinville RCMP respond to train and vehicle collision

submitted by Morinville RCMP

Sturgeon County – This afternoon at approximately 1:15 p.m., Morniville RCMP responded to a report of a collision of a train and truck at Range Road 264 and Township Road 562 in Sturgeon County.

Preliminary investigation determined the truck proceeded through a stop sign and was stuck by a moving train. The lone occupant, a 24-year-old male was extricated from the vehicle and suffered serious but non-life threatening injuries. He was transported via STARS to an Edmonton hospital. No one else was injured. The train was able to proceed after debris was removed from the collision area.

The investigation continues and alcohol is not considered to be a factor.

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    • Ty Alderman Brown no shit. He literally got hit by a train. I’m sure full injuries havnt been released. I know someone who had “non life threatening injuries” from an accident four months ago. She’s still learning to walk again. That doesn’t mean anything!

    • Wow. Sorry for offending you….
      I’d say if you don’t have life threatening injuries, and you’re not dead, you’re probably okay to an extent. But go ahead and start swearing for no reason.

    • Ty Alderman Brown lol. Shit?!? Really Ty? That’s hardly a swear!! And I’m only getting upset because you always try to make everyone else wrong. It’s annoying!

    • I think what happened here, was that Ty’s comment came across as if he was assuming Kass never read the article. It sounded a bit like Ty was talking down to Kass.

    • Chelle Jane I feel like he does this to everyone though. Like I clearly read the article and I’m worried about someone that I don’t even know. I know how accidents affect a person tremendously in every aspect of their life. It bothers me that anyone would say something like “the article says…” I know what it says!! Lol

    • That is not nice to say he has family who could read this. Maybe he did not want to stop. How about my heart goes out to the family that usually works better.

    • Really? In a time we’re people should be nice to each other and wish them well and good luck? U low life price of Shit maybe if it was one of your family members u would change your attitude. Was my brother in the accident btw

    • As someone with a relative who was hit by a train at an uncontrolled crossing sometimes life happens.. my granda definitely wasn’t an idiot, and that night he barely had any sleep but someone needed prayer.. please be considerate..

    • I almost collided with a train at 6 the winter …it was very dark out…
      The only light they had on the train was a flashing lantern that someone on the train was waving ….
      The train was very black so we didn’t see the lantern until the last minute …
      It should not travel thru town like that

  1. I live by the spot and not a lot of people stop there . It’s terrible but he broke the law . His own fault .. unless there was a valid reason ( medical episode ) …

  2. He’s lucky to be alive. I’ve witnessed a car getting hit by a slow moving locomotive. It was like a knife through butter. Poor fellow!

  3. first off it was RR 261, not 264

    and the stop sign is irrelevant, it’s there for liability reasons, not safety

    if you notice, they only put them up where they feel like, not at every road crossing

    you stop when there’s a train, common sense, slow down till you see no train, specially when it’s dark

    you can see the train, unless it’s only 4 cars and engine, well in advance, from both directions

    and even so, unless you’re going over 100km/h, you’d even be able to see it going south, the worst view, unless the train is travelling north, which is supposedly was in this case

    there is a open view when approaching the tracks to the west, which would allow plenty of time to stop

    so there is no reason for not seeing it, in the middle of the day

    he either wasn’t paying attention, trying to beat it

    or maybe he had a medical episode, or least unlikely his vehicle stalled on the tracks

    because if the train was going north, coming south, no excuse not to see it and same for travelling north on the road, no way you couldn’t have see it approaching the tracks

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