Tree planted in memory of dedicated Slo Pitch board member

A dedication to Ruth Shymka is at the Skyline Ball Diamonds. Shymka, born in May 1960 passed away August 22, 2016, and is survived by her four sons.

She was a member of the CUPE National Literacy Working Group, had a background in sports and recreation, was an educational assistant at G. H. Primeau and ran for Election for Councillor in 2013. She was also active in Slo Pitch locally.

Scott Mason, President of the Morinville Slo Pitch League, said a combined effort of himself and the staff at Mason Landscaping & Supplies, Terence Brenneis of TGB Welding Inc and the Town made possible the dedication at the Skyline Ball Diamonds. There was no cost to the town or them – all donated.

Mason said Shymka was on the Board of the Slo Pitch League for a long time and gave up a lot of her time. She did a lot for the community for Slo Pitch.

Mason had a discussion with her boys and himself and his staff supplied the tree and planted the tree. Her boys picked out the tree they thought their Mom would like – a Golden Willow.

Brenneis of TGB Welding made and supplied the sign and the town put in the mulch.

Mason said as a board they appreciated what Ruth did for them for so many years. “I think it was a great thing to do, ” he said.

Mason said some of these people are legacies in this town, like Lucien Beaupre. Lots of these people have done a lot for this town. We have got to recognize what these people have done.

“I think as young people we got to recognize this because these guys are the forefathers and we are coming up to fill their shoes.”

He said she spent a lot of her time with Morinville Slo Pitch League and we are giving back for what she has given us.

That was our way of saying thanks to her, we never got the opportunity.

That tree is on behalf of Mason Landscaping and on behalf of all members of the Morinville Slo Pitch League.

“She gave a lot,” Mason said. “I think we are in this direction today because of what Ruth has done in years past and the boys do a lot in town here. it is the least we could do.”

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