Another 350 trees and shrubs planted at Fish & Game Association pond trail

by Lucie Roy

Town of Morinville employees and seasonal student workers along with a few community volunteers gathered at the Fish and Game pond on Friday to plant more than 350 trees and shrubs.

Items planted along the fence side included Lodge Pole Pine, Green Ash, White Birch, White Spruce, Jack Pine, Black Hills Spruce, and Golden Willow.

Meagan Taylor and her son Jackson volunteered some time at the Community Planting. Jackson was eager to plant the Black Hills Spruce.

One section along the fence had Prickly Roses, Snowberry, Red Osier Dogwood, Raspberry, Yellow Twig Dogwood, Silver Buffalo Berry, Common Caragana, High Bush Cranberry, Green Alder, Saskatoon Serviceberry and Gooseberry plants.

One section was more of the seedlings which included the Golden Willow, Trembling Aspen, Balsam Poplar, Paper Birch, Larch, Laurel Leaf Willow,

Donald Fairweather, Town of Morinville Operations Manager said the trees will stop lots of the drifting snow from getting unto the trail in the winter time.

The trees and shrubs will also mean less lawn to maintain and less maintenance at the site.

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