Where there’s smoke alarms, there’s pizza

by Stephen Dafoe

The Revells family (above) were surprised Thursday night to find Fire Chief Brad Boddez at the door with the Domino’s delivery driver. Behind his a large complement of Morinville firefighters.

Once again this year, the Morinville Fire Department partnered with the local pizza company to follow drivers to customer’s homes to see if their smoke detectors were working. If they were, the pizza was free. If they weren’t, the fire department had a bag of brand new batteries to get them in order.

It was all part of Morinville Fire Department’s participation in Fire Prevention Month. Those activities have involved fire drills at schools and other fire prevention and awareness activities.

“We always are working with the Office of the Fire Commissioner on fire prevention themes. Look, Listen and Learn is our theme this year,” Chief Boddez said. “But the smoke detectors and making sure people get into that habit of changing them out every year helps our job a lot and it helps the community, too.”

Both Ladder 4 and Rescue 5 went out Thursday night following Domino’s drivers and checking pizza customers’ smoke detectors. Fire crews had stuffed toys, firefighter hats and activity books for families as well as the good news on free slices.

Morinville Domino’s owners Naziha and Nick Monzer pose with Fire Chief Brad Boddez at the start of the evening’s deliveries.

Firefighters pose for a group photo ahead of the mission.

Chief Boddez holds a briefing with firefighters at Domino’s.

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  1. It is a great way to create awareness about preventing house fires. Great job Morinville Fire Department and thanks for the pizza Domino’s Pizza

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