Letter: Town issues statement in response to resident concerns on Highway 642

Town of Morinville Council & Administration recognizes residents’, business owners’ and visitors’ frustration with the condition of Highway 642 (100 Ave.) following the road work over the last few months.

We have been actively communicating with Alberta Transportation and continue to share the concerns of the community over not receiving notice or consultation prior to the work commencing, the inappropriate nature of the product used for an urban environment, the ongoing deplorable condition of the road, and the extreme negative impact the continued condition is having on community pride and morale.

Council & Administration agree that the state of Highway 642 is unacceptable and are committed to continuing to advocate for Morinville to Alberta Transportation and the Province of Alberta. Specific actions that have been taken to-date include a meeting between Morinville Council and Alberta Transportation, the Chief Administrative Officer contacting Alberta Transportation nearly 20 times through meetings, phone calls and emails, Council reaching out to regional MLA’s (Mr. Glenn van Dijken and Mr. Colin Piquette) to voice concerns, and Mayor Turner sending an email to the Honourable Brian Mason, Minister of Alberta Transportation.

We want to assure residents that we have been working hard to ensure Alberta Transportation takes full responsibility for this project. As Highway 642 is Alberta Transportation’s responsibility, we believe it is their obligation to communicate openly and honestly with the residents of Morinville regarding the project. We will resolutely hold Alberta Transportation to this standard as the community of Morinville is owed an explanation regarding the unacceptable conditions and how they intend to fix it.

We have requested this communication from Alberta Transportation be shared directly with the residents of Morinville with limited success. Consequently, we have requested this information directly from the Minister of Alberta Transportation and are awaiting a reply. Unfortunately, provincial government processes do take some time; our efforts to secure this reply will continue.

We believe this information is due as soon as possible and commit to sharing any details and updates we receive from them with you.

All complaints, requests for recovery costs of damages or for additional information on the project should be directed to Alberta Transportation Operations Manager, Paula Campbell at 780.975.2524 or Paula.Campbell@gov.ab.ca, our constituency MLA, Mr. Glenn van Dijken at 780.674.3225 or barrhead.morinville.westlock@assembly.ab.ca, or Minister of Transportation, the Honourable Brian Mason at 780.427.2080 or transportation.minister@gov.ab.ca.

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  1. It’s a ridiculous assumption by the provincial government to think this is acceptable for any town yet alone one on the upswing. Lazy, reckless and embarrassing. Whomever ok’d this should have to come scrape it up with plastic snow shovels.

  2. Good on the town of Morinville!! A town has never been so embarrassed or insulted by the provincial government. Or if it has, I don’t know ow about it… ? Where can we complain to beside the town of Morinville and online comments. Alberta Transportation??

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