Council selects its members for Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework task force

by Colin Smith

Mayor Barry Turner and councillors Nicole Boutestein and Stephen Dafoe will be representing Morinville in discussions with Sturgeon County on intermuncipal collaboration.

The three were appointed to the Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework (ICF) Task Force after the task force was approved by Town Council following a closed session at its December 11 regular meeting.

That came after Council passed a motion to approve the concepts identified in the Town of Morinville/Sturgeon County Approach Report.

As a result of recent changes to the Municipal Government Act, municipalities with common boundaries must create a framework for discussion of services they share.
The aim of establishing the framework is to provide for the integrated and strategic planning, delivery and funding of intermunicipal services, use resources efficiently in providing local services, and ensure municipalities contribute funding to services that benefit their residents.

Funding arrangements for the rec centre and the Morinville Library are among the major issues likely to come up for discussion.

Municipalities that are unable to agree on a framework may have an arbitrator appointed by the Municipal Affairs.

The Town of Morinville / Sturgeon County ICF Approach report will be kept private inline with provisions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy related to disclosure harmful to intergovernmental relations and advice from officials.

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  1. Good team! Looking forward to hearing what this new Intermunicipal framework will be. I really like the governments push on supporting each other. Will be a change but I think for the better as it could make collaboration on projects run smoother.

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