Town and County work on Intermunicipal Funding

by Colin Smith

Potential funding models for future projects and programs were the focus of the April 1 meeting of the Town of Morinville and Sturgeon County negotiating teams discussing an Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework.

According to a joint statement, funding models were reviewed on the basis of a set of criteria and potential opportunities, with aim of developing a collaborative approach to governance, revenue sharing, mutually beneficial economies of scale and economic sustainability.

The respective administrations of the Town and County were directed to conduct further analysis of the funding models before the next meeting of the negotiating teams on April 25.

“Choosing the right funding formula is key, and it’s another important piece of the collaborative work we are doing to provide benefits to the residents of each municipality,” said Morinville Mayor Barry Turner.

“We’ve made some progress coordinating our approach to funding models. We need to examine them in more detail to ensure we are making informed decisions to benefit residents,” Sturgeon County Mayor Alanna Hnatiw said.

Mayor Barry Turner and Councillors Nicole Boutestein and Stephen Dafoe make up the negotiating team for Morinville. Sturgeon County is represented by Mayor Alanna Hnatiw and Councillor Karen Shaw and Deputy Mayor Patrick D. Tighe.

The group will host an Intermunicipal Affairs Committee meeting on May 6, 2019 to share information from the negotiating teams to both Councils.

The Modernized Municipal Government Act mandates neighbouring municipalities to negotiate an Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework to provide for the integrated and strategic planning, delivery and funding of intermunicipal services, efficient use of resources and ensuring municipalities contribute funding to services that benefit their residents.

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