Council reviews draft policies on video surveillance, sponsorship and giving Morinville residents first access to free event tickets

by Colin Smith

Video surveillance in public areas of Morinville was one of the items on the agenda for Town Council’s May 21 Committee of the Whole meeting.

A draft video policy was presented to council at the meeting, accompanied by an administrative directive detailing the policy’s application.

Video cameras are now located at Lions Park, the Morinville Community Cultural Centre, the Morinville Leisure Centre, Ray McDonald Sports Center, Town Hall and the Town Wireless Station.

The draft policy sets out guidelines for the installation and use of surveillance cameras in indoor and outdoor public spaces for the purposes of crime prevention and investigation, specifically the deterrence of property crimes such as vandalism and theft and crimes involving persons such as assaults and controlled substances offences.

The policy acknowledges that under the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act the Town of Morinville is accountable for the collection, use, disclosure, security, retention and disposal of information collected through the surveillance cameras. Only the Town’s Chief Administrative Officer or designated persons will have access to the security surveillance system’s controls and to its viewing equipment.

Among the administrative directive guidelines are that cameras are to be located in such a way that they only monitor town-owned facilities, infrastructure and assets. In areas where cameras are in operation prominently displayed signs are to notify the public they will be under surveillance.

Also presented at the Committee of the Whole Meeting were the Morinville Advantage and the Morinville Sponsorship draft policies.

If the Morinville Advantage policy is adopted by Council, Morinville residents will be able get in early on tickets for free Town-organized events such as Halloween Dance and French Heritage Celebration.


Tickets will be offered to them for at least three business days prior to their being available to non-residents. Every Morinville resident aged 16 and above will be able to collect up to eight tickets.

The purpose of the draft Morinville Sponsorship Policy, previously referred to as Council Sponsorship, is to establish clear guidelines under which Council may provide sponsorships to qualifying individuals or groups.

Similar to what Council has done in the past, sponsorship may be considered for a range of community initiatives, activities and individuals.

These can include community fundraising activities and events, galas, golf tournaments, silent auctions, service club initiatives and athletic endeavours in which resident athletes will represent Morinville on a regional or national level. Under the new policy Council will delegate the responsibility for review and approval of sponsorship requests to the Chief Administrative Officer or a designate, who will evaluate them to ensure appropriateness and conformity with the policy.

All three draft policies were referred for consideration to Council’s regular meeting on June 11.

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  1. This should apply to paid events as well, St. Albert puts their people first when it comes to programming… why wouldn’t we?

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