Morinville Lions host Pet Valu Walk for Dog Guides

Above: Legal Lions team on the trail.

by Lucie Roy

The Pet Valu Walk for Dog Guides was held Sunday at the Fish and Game pond in Morinville.

More than $1000 was raised on Sunday with donations still open for another few weeks.

Members of the Legal Lions Team were on hand to walk the 5-kilometre walk as well as Morinville residents.

Those unable to walk supported the cause with a donation.

The Pet Valu Walk for Dog Guides is a national fundraiser held in approximately 300 communities across Canada.

The Walk raises funds for the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides whose mission is to assist Canadians with a medical or physical disability by providing them with a Dog Guide at no cost.

Although it costs $25,000 to raise, train and place each dog, Dog Guides are provided at no cost to eligible Canadians.

Patti Schmidthiesler on the trail.

Legal Lions Team, Fred Malott, Jessica Chapman, Davin Jackson and Keilan Jackson.

Patti Schmidthiesler under the new Pet Valu Walk for Dog Guides banner

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