Higher Grounds hosting Thanksgiving at the cultural centre

by Stephen Dafoe

Higher Grounds Espresso Bar will be hosting a Community Thanksgiving Dinner on Oct. 13 at the Morinville Community Cultural Centre starting at 3 p.m. A family movie, Toy Story 4, will be shown at 5 p.m. after the dinner.

“Morinville is a really transient population. People come here for military or oil work and all kinds of reasons why they don’t have their extended family around,” said organizer Kim Mills. “So we just wanted to offer an extended family experience for people.”

Mills explained the annual event is not about financial need. Instead, it is about opening the doors to allow people who may be alone or with limited extended family to celebrate Thanksgiving with a larger group.

“Absolutely anybody [can attend this event]. We advertise it to all of Sturgeon County, but we aren’t asking for ID at the door,” Mills said. “Anyone who shows up is more than welcome to be here.”

Although the event has several partnering businesses and organizations, Mills said there is a need for volunteers to help prep on Oct. 12 and to cook and serve on Oct. 13.

“There’s lots of things people can do if they want to help out,” Mills said. “Financially and donation-wise we’ll be popping up on our Facebook page specific food needs that we have if people want to pick them up and drop them off. Otherwise, financial donations that will go towards anything that we need over and above what we receive in donations is all tax-deductible. You can drop it off at the shop.”

Higher Grounds is located at 10019 100 Avenue in Morinville. Their phone number is 780-266-5282.

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