It’s Your Business: Jiffy Lube celebrating five years in business

Long-time employees Jordan Brand (left) and Kayla Beach (right) stand outside the Morinville shop with owner Craig Klettke.

by Stephen Dafoe

The current owners and staff of Jiffy Lube in Morinville are celebrating a half-decade in the community.

Owner Craig Klettke said he got into the business some years ago after his sister came back upset from an oil change that costs hundreds of dollars instead of the $80 it should have.

“I decided then and there that there has to be a market for honesty,” he said. “We do things a little differently. Most of them are commission-based, and I wanted to create a place that was about service. So whether it’s you, your mom, your daughter, your grandmother, it’s going to be the same service.”

Klettke and his staff run the business with a customer-focused approach whereby they provide the customer what they need without the upsells common in the industry.

“It’s a big proud moment when I see you downtown or your Uncle Bob downtown, and I’m not hanging my head in shame because I know it’s about honesty,” Klettke said. “I’m proud of what we do, and I’m proud of my staff. When I’m not there, they do it exactly as if I’m there. In fact, they probably do a better job when I’m not there. They treat this community as there own because it is their own. All of my staff is local, so it sure makes a difference.”

Before taking over the Morinville location, Klettke ran a shop in Edmonton for a year and a half. He’d previously tried to get the Morinville franchise when it was available some years prior but missed the opportunity by four days. A second opportunity was missed by just four hours. The third opportunity came up right after he’d opened the location in Edmonton. But five years ago this October, Klettke jumped on the Morinville location and sold the one in Edmonton. Jan. 1 will mark he and his wife Deanna’s fifth year of ownership.

Over the years, Klettke has seen consistent support for his business, although initially, he had to overcome some perceptions of bad service in the community.

“We had to win back a lot of clients. We had to prove that we are here for the long term,” Klettke said. “To have four owners in 10 years, including our five years is a lot of owners. I had to create that environment that we do things right. Not perfect. No business is. We do our best, and we try to be a little bit better than everyone else.”

Klettke attributes Jiffy Lube’s success to longtime staff and the relationships they build with their customers and each other.

Jordan Brand has been with the shop since its third day of operation five years ago this past October, and Kayla Beach joined the following January. Another two original employees stayed for three years. One moved on to become a paramedic, another a mechanic.

“Kayla is just finishing university to be an accountant,” Klettke said. “That’s proud for us. We’re in the second generation. Kayla’s little brother works for us now.”

But it isn’t just about giving back to the employees and seeing them succeed. The Jiffy Lube franchise owners and their staff also give back by supporting community initiatives large and small. But Klettke is reluctant to take credit for the generosity, preferring to donate and support quietly.

Jiffy Lube Morinville is open Monday to Friday from 8 a,m, to 6 p.m. and Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. They are closed on Sundays.

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  1. A wonderful addition to our community! The absolute best customer service and an incredibly community oriented team – which is so awesome to see! Congratulations to the Klettke family, and their team!

  2. Congratulations Klettke family and staff. Great service, excellent staff. Both my husband and I exclusively use the Morinville Jiffy Lube for our 2 vehciles for the last 4+ years. Only place that I feel comfortable going for an oil change, knowing they won’t try to up-sell me on things I am not well versed on. The best feeling to know you will be treated with honesty.

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