Letter: Looking to do something for men beyond Movember

As Movember fundraising and awareness campaigns wrap up, I want to show my support for men’s mental and physical health with an honest thought.

As part of the committee planning the annual Women’s Conference in Morinville, I am obviously a supporter of equality and women’s rights, and I work hard to educate myself about intersectionality to better understand our community. When a friend of mine half-jokingly asked about where the men’s conference is, I had to pause for a moment. If you look at most conferences, many are run by and cater to men due to our longstanding patriarchal society – but this was not the point of the question. Where is the conference that goes beyond the default to offer men a supportive place to better themselves? We live in an environment that gives great importance and privilege to men but doesn’t provide any room to be human. Could an afternoon of great speakers and engaging workshops give the overworked, and stressed out men of Morinville a chance to let their guard down and reflect on themselves as the humans they are?

I am married to a wonderful man and we are raising three young fellows who are focused on doing their best and helping others. I want to take action to support the issues that will directly affect them and I will put my voice and volunteer time behind those willing to take the lead. I am calling on the community to step up and show their support for men’s health in 2020.

Stacey Buga

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