Town of Morinville undergoing organizational restructuring

Iain Bushell of Transitional Solutions is Morinville’s Interim Director of Public Works, and Community & Protective Services, and replaces Public Works Director Claude Valcourt and Community & Protective Services Director David Schaefer. – Lucie Roy Photo

by Lucie Roy

Iain Bushell of Transitional Solutions is Morinville’s Interim Director of Public Works, and Community & Protective Services. Bushnell, whose first day on the job was Tuesday, attended the Dec. 10 Council meeting.

The Regular Meeting of Council started with announcements on organizational changes from Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Stephane Labonne.

Labonne spoke of how in the last few months Administration has been meeting with the Town of Morinville Leadership Teams from all Divisions. It has allowed staff to share their thoughts and their concerns and also allowed Labonne to hear their thoughts and concerns on how things are currently operating within the Town Administration.

“It gave me a chance to listen to concerns and issues and opportunities to engage staff in conversations around the need for us to collectively up our game in the way services are provided and delivered to our community each and every day,” Labonne said.

He went on to say Council had spoken about the need to be more prudent on how services are delivered in town and how community groups are engaged with to achieve mutual outcomes. Labonne added that historically, things like safety have not always been top of mind administratively.

Labonne said the conversations resulted in steps being taken to restructure the Town of Morinville Administration.

“With that, I would like to thank both David Schaefer {Director of Community & Protective Services} and Claude Valcourt {Director of Public Works} for their dedication and service to the residents and businesses of Morinville. Both of these gentlemen has served the community for seven and 13 years, respectively, and I commend them both for helping to guide the ship up until this point. However, it was time for the organization to begin a new journey.”

On an interim basis, Bushell of Transitional Solutions has been brought in on a 6-month contract to undertake an organizational review of both Public Works and Protective Services and to provide leadership to these two divisions.

Bushell will be responsible for three outcomes: Day to day leadership of managers and staff in the two divisions, accessing the current and operational needs, and recommending an updated organizational structure for Labonne, and to be presented to Council.

“With that, I will continue to work with HR as we continue down this journey,” Labonne said, adding Bushell has 25 years of progressive municipal experience and is a proven leader within the region.

Bushnell has served recently as Director for Service Delivery for Scottish Fire and Rescue Services in Europe and was recently the fire chief for Strathcona County in addition to serving in a number of other roles within Strathcona County as Manager of Operations as well as Manager of Finance & Human Resources.

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  1. Good news indeed!

    A seed of hope was just planted among the disillusioned groups & volunteers that have found certain areas of the town admin difficult & unreasonable to deal with. Hope, cautious excitement & ideas are once more flowing within Morinville’s community groups & volunteers with this announcement.

    Could this be the change that brings mutual respect combined with an understanding of cooperative engagement towards a better community? Are doors opening a crack to allow productive, visionary meetings once again? Why it’s a Christmas miracle that one can only hope comes to fruition!

    Best of luck Mr Bushell & welcome, the road to reconciliation is in your hands, no pressure!

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