It’s Your Business: Carrot cake leads to outrage at a local coffee shop

Above: Higher Grounds patron Brian Kennedy-Croft scowls disapprovingly at Assistant Manager Kim Mills over a lack of carrot cake Friday afternoon. The outrage was peacefully resolved by closing time. – Stephen Dafoe Photos

by Stephen Dafoe

Brian Kennedy-Croft was having no part of a carrot cake shortage at Higher Grounds on Friday after spotting the tasty dessert on Instagram earlier that day.

Kennedy-Croft expressed his righteous indignation over being unable to obtain a slice during an interview with Morinville News at the scene of his outrage.

“Today, I thought I’d come in to support a local business in my community that I love and support and give them my money that they deserve,” Kennedy-Croft said. “I walked here with my own two feet, took my money out, wanted to take it and get some carrot cake. I came here, and the carrot cake was gone.”

Kennedy-Croft, who said he was not only irate but appalled at the delicious dessert deficiency, nonetheless bought a cup of coffee.

“They are getting some of my money, but they won’t be getting it for carrot cake,” Kennedy-Croft said as he wagged a disapproving finger at Higher Grounds Assistant Manager Kim Mills.

The local cake lover said he’d like to see signs posted throughout the shop and on social media advising potential dessert diners that food items are subject to change.

Mills said she and fellow staff offer Kennedy-Croft a full apology that their carrot cake is so popular that it sells out quickly.

“Our food is subject to change because it is such a popular item that it does sell out quickly,” she said. “We do tell our customers to come early, especially for popular items like carrot cake.”

Mills attributes the popularity of the dessert dish to the staff at the volunteer-run coffee shop and eatery.

“We have some very fabulous bakers,” Mills said.

Mills’ solution for Mr. Kennedy-Croft was a commitment to send him messages specifically when food items sell out.

Higher Grounds Manager Lis Melvin offered Kennedy-Croft an alternate solution, handing him a carrot and some cream cheese and inviting him to be a volunteer.

As of our publication deadline, Mr. Kennedy-Croft had yet to make a carrot cake.

For those interested in volunteering at Higher Grounds, drop into the shop at 10019 100 Avenue or call 780-266-5282.

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  1. Love higher grounds. Food is always great. They have a wonderful egg salad on croissant, but when I get a craving for it, I always call first to make sure they have some. šŸ‘šŸ»

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