Maxwell recognized by Town for 46+ years of service

by Lucie Roy

The retirement recognition for Mr. Garry Maxwell took place at the Feb. 25 Regular Council meeting.

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Stephane Labonne spoke accolades of Maxwell before the formal presentation took place.

“Today, I would like to say a few words in recognition of Garry Maxwell and his upcoming retirement and his long-standing relationship with the Town of Morinville.

Maxwell began his association with the Town of Morinville in 1974 after he had joined Associated Engineering. One of his first projects was to develop the Town’s long-term Municipal servicing plan for a population of 25,000, including sourcing water from Edmonton, sanitary and stormwater requirements.

In 1978, Maxwell and two partners formed Merge Engineering Consultants, and Morinville was the company’s first client.

“If you look deep into our vaults, you will find countless studies, reports, contracts and building drawings all bearing the Merge logo to guide the Town of Morinville in a sustainable manner,” LaBonne said.

For a decade, beginning in 2003 Maxwell worked with UMA/AECOM, where he continued to guide Morinville working on pump station upgrades, new reservoirs, updates to master plans and numerous other projects until his retirement from AECOM in 2013.

“Garry was and continues to be a huge asset to the Town of Morinville, and we could not let him get away that easy,” Labonne said. “We asked him to assist the Town on as-needed basis because you simply can’t just replace the knowledge and progressive experience guiding the Town forwards as we grow.”

After 46 years, Maxwell will now fully retire after wrapping up some projects over the next few months.

“We are extremely grateful for his dedication and continued commitment to the Town,” Labonne said. “We are proud of all that Garry has brought to our community. His enthusiasm and expertise will be missed.”

Maxwell received a large frame with two photos of Morinville, one aerial view of Morinville in 1980 and one of 2019 with the inscription, “In appreciation for your 46 years of dedicated service and contribution to building a better community for the residents of Morinville. Garry Maxwell, P. Eng.”

Maxwell thanked everyone and spoke a few words.

“As Stephane said, I started with the Town in May 1974. Since then I have been through nine Mayors, probably a similar number of CAOs, at least 15 Councils, and can’t say how many public works and utility employees I have had the pleasure to deal with,” Maxwell said. “I think in today’s world, 45 years plus association is highly unusual. I think it speaks volumes of the special relationship that I’ve enjoyed with the Town. I wish you well. As Stephane said, I will continue to be available and will be carrying on with a couple of projects in the interim.”

In his presentation, Mayor Barry Turner thanked Maxwell for his many years of service.

“Often we hear talk of those key figures that work in the background, quietly do their work and make things happen, and Garry is an example of one of those guys, and there are very few people that have had the impact on our community that Garry has,” Turner said. “So enjoy your retirement. We will miss you.”

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