It’s your Business: Flower Stop expanding into more workshops

by Stephen Dafoe

The Flower Stop & Gift Shop in Morinville has a new staff member, Jodi Dancause, owner of Brushstrokes by Jodi.

Dancause is the daughter of Flower Stop owner Lori McLaughlin. In addition to owning Brush Strokes, which makes word-inspired rustic signs, she is also a floral designer,life-coach and podcaster.

“Having Jodi on board means that we are going to be doing a lot more workshops in our store,” McLaughlin said, adding the transition will make the shop more interactive with their customers.

Dancause said customers can expect a solid variety of workshops coming up. “We’ll do crafting ones, but we’re going to do floral design and even essential oil ones, and of course, the rustic sings because that’s my jam,” she said.

The Shops’ first scheduled class takes place on Thursday, March 19, from 6:30 p.m to 9:30 p.m. Called a Creative Intentions Workshop, the evening event will see the Flower Stop teaming up with Moments by Meghan.

“She makes crystal intention bracelets. She’s going to come in and teach about setting intentions and making bracelets,” Dancause said. “So you’re going to make a bracelet and a wood sign with a message to kind of act as a reminder to tie the two together. You’re going to set your intention and make the two projects: one to display and one to wear.”

The event includes wine and shopping with 20% discounts on anything in the store.

Dancause’s joining the Flower Stop is a full circle journey as she had worked there as a floral designer while in high school. In fact, the Flower Stop was her first job when she was in Grade 9.

“I worked here through a couple of different owners, and then my family bought it,” she said. “The timing four years ago was not good. My kids were little. Now, everything is aligned, and here I am back to my designing roots.”

Here business, Brushstrokes by Jodi is what she calls Expressive Decor, taking the power of words and turning it into a decorative reminder of those words and messages.

“The power of words does amazing things for your energy,” Dancause said. “If we surround ourselves with uplifting content, and that’s the point of the workshops too—you create a sign that speaks to you.

In addition to being a floral and artistic designer, Dancause works as a wellness coach, primarily with women.

Her podcast, The Jodi Show, is six episodes deep and talks about a variety of topics with personal growth as the focus. The podcast is available through her website

Her life coaching and podcast stemmed from Dancause’s journey of growth.

“It all kind of started with Brushstrokes. That became a creative outlet that aligned me with a lot of people. The growth that I experienced just lead me in that direction. I thought if I can grow like this, I can help other people,” Dancause said, adding she took training to be a wellness coach and began her path to helping others.

In addition to offering workshops at the Flower Stop & Gift Shop, Dancause will focus on floral design. McLaughlin said she is excited to have her daughter joining her at the shop.

“I’m very excited to have different things happening in the shop. The Flower Stop has a lot of potentials, and just having that extra person with those extra thoughts and ideas is so much better,” McLaughlin said. “Because we’re a busy little shop, I couldn’t do it all. Having Jodi on board is very exciting because she’s got those great ideas as well.”

The cost of the Thursday, March 19 workshop is $75 per person. Tickets are available at the Flower Stop or Eventbrite.

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