Letter: Town responds to Letter to the Editor on Transit

I have just read your Letter to the Editor in regards to Transit in Morinville, posted on April 7, 2020, from Mr. Alan Otway and would like [to] answer his questions and provide some clarification.

Firstly, the Town of Morinville has not entered into a contract with Edmonton Transit for any services. What has taken place is that Council voted to join the Regional Transit Services Commission (RTSC) which is made up of 12 regional municipalities. This decision ensures Morinville will have a seat at the table during this important planning phase of the potential regional transit service. Although this may be a bit early, transit is important for a complete community, and we would be remiss in taking advantage of this unique opportunity.

To date, the Town has not made any financial investment, and we also have the opportunity to reconsider our involvement throughout this next planning phase.

As part of our due diligence, we are also investigating a pilot project between St. Albert and Morinville during peak times to assist us in determining the need and appetite for this type of service.

On your comments regarding the use of the Census to gather transportation data, I am sure you can appreciate, the planning and implementation of a Census is a long process. These Census questions were finalized prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. As Administration continues to work through the challenges of this unprecedented time, the ongoing planning and operations of the Town of Morinville continue not only for today but the future.

Stephane Labonne
Chief Administrative Officer, Town of Morinville

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