1. Thank you all for your kind words contained here in the Morinville News and the many phone calls we have received from those who knew him.

    It is often said that when you leave the earth your wealth is not measured, rather the joy or a smile you brought to someone on their bad day has a longer lasting effect on people.

    Each of you have brought joy to the family knowing that his joking and love of life was shared with many during his short journey on this earth.

    Kevin lived modestly and called his own shots. That did allow him to share his love with family and friends, for the pursuit of fame and fortune was never on his mind.

    God Bless each of you who knew him and took time to smile back or laugh at his jokes.

    We would appreciate if this week you tell a joke in Kevin’s name, and if so inclined say a short prayer.

    Kevin Cust’s Family

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