Letter: The New Nose-al

Since the beginning of this pandemic, we are constantly challenged to sort through the experts’ research and findings.

Keep the borders open. Close the borders.

Don’t wear a mask. Wear a mask.

Stay in lockdown. Get outside and build immunity.

Close the schools. Open the schools.

My friends bombard me with articles on the deeper issues. Erosion of the rights of individuals, sacrifice for the common good. The responsibilities of the governments. The responsibility of the individual.

Me? I’ve been wondering: does trimming and plucking nose hair go against an evolutionary plan to grow it thicker and faster as we age because we are more susceptible to viruses?

(I’ll pause while you look that up)

Are we being told to wear masks only because we won’t be embarrassed by the folication we have hidden, which will actually save us?

With this nagging mind worm racing through my brain, I am comforted by two things.

1. Now you have it.

2. Hollywood stars and Supermodels could be on the verge of extinction.

Oh, the heck with it. Hand me the tweezers, honey. I’m going in!

Alan Otway

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