NDP call on UCP to establish an “all-party committee” to review Covid-19 response

Citing what they call UCP inaction, NDP Official Opposition leader Rechal Notley called on the government to establish an all-party committee that would be made up of UCP, NDP and independents to “seek justice and answers for the UCP government’s inaction” during the fourth wave of COVID-19.

With Alberta’s case numbers being the highest in the country, Notley wants the committee struck immediately to publicly review the pandemic response and fix what the NDP sees as crucial mistakes. The opposition is also looking to examine key decisions Jason Kenney and the UCP caucus have made.

“Albertans are calling for accountability from their government. They’re demanding justice and they deserve answers,” said Notley said in a media release Tuesday. “The UCP keeps making the same deadly mistakes over and over. If we are returning to a legislative session, Albertans deserve to know just how this crisis came about and why our fourth wave has been so much worse than anywhere else in Canada. Most of all, we must ensure that this never happens again.”

Notley sees the committee as one that could compel political staff, public servants, and third-party witnesses, as well as compel documents from government ministries.

The NDP Caucus will send a draft of the motion to the Government House Leader and independent members. The Caucus will request a meeting with all parties in advance of the session starting October 25 to discuss the establishment of the committee.

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