Boersma says he and council ready to build future together

by Colin Smith

Following an election in which Morinville residents showed they wanted change, they should unite to move forward, believes Mayor-elect Simon Boersma.

On Monday, Boersma won the contest to be Morinville’s mayor, handily defeating incumbent mayor Barry Turner and Shane Ladouceur.

“I appreciate and thank each of the residents for their votes,” Boersma told Morinville Online. “Our community spoke overwhelmingly by way of the democratic process.”

Boersma stated he appreciated the work of each candidate who put their name forward in this election and that it did not go unnoticed.

“The words that each resident spoke while door-knocking will be discussed by our councillors-elect,” he said. “Let’s build our future together.”

During his campaign, Boersma raised a number of issues he intends to work on, including the need for a close look at tax planning and budget discipline, community growth enhancement, council transparency, traffic safety and a focus on water and utilities.

Elected or reelected to council along with Boersma were Jenn Anheliger, Rebecca Balanko, Stephen Dafoe, Scott Richardson, Maurice St. Denis and Ray White.

The inaugural meeting of the new council will take place Tuesday, Oct. 26 at 6 p.m.

Councillors have been provided with an orientation binder and will receive orientation and training sessions in line with the 2021 Town of Morinville Council Orientation Plan approved by the previous council last April.

The first session, on Thursday, following a meet and greet luncheon, will include an information technology orientation, discussion of agencies, boards and commissions, and establishment of the deputy mayor rotation schedule.

Morinville councillors will get together on October 28 with elected officials from Sturgeon County and surrounding municipalities for the Joint Council Government Orientation Workshop. The historical role of local government in Alberta, Council and Administration roles and responsibilities, the Municipal Government Act (MGA) and Freedom of Information and Privacy Act (FOIP) will be discussed.

Topics of subsequent orientation and training sessions will include communications and public relations, municipal organization and functions, parliamentary procedure and municipal finance.

Councillors will be taken on a tour of town facilities and sites, and an Indigenous awareness blanket training exercise is scheduled for November.

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