Surplus PPE available to non-health-care agencies for free

mask mandate

Free surplus personal protective equipment (PPE), including hand sanitizer, medical and non-medical masks and disinfectant solutions are now available from the Alberta Emergency Management Agency (AEMA) to a wider group of non-health-care agencies.

AEMA has a 60-day stockpile of PPE it is keeping, but making the surplus beyond that available to
daycares and day homes, food service providers, meat-packing service providers, food banks, trucking companies, NGOs, oil and gas services, general municipal groups, including Metis Settlements and First Nations, private home care providers that are not publicly funded directly or through contracts.

Additionally, privately owned health service providers, physiotherapy clinics, primary care physicians, optometry clinics and diagnostic imaging clinics will also receive PPE from the AEMA at no cost.

“Alberta’s government is committed to public safety. We have extra stores of PPE and we do not want to see them wasted, so we are sharing them with Alberta businesses and non-profit groups to support their operations, said Alberta’s Minister of Municipal Affairs Ric McIver. “This is one more thing we can do to help Albertans protect themselves and their families as we continue to respond to COVID-19.”

The government says priority organizations, including continuing care facilities, pharmacists, police agencies, fire departments and Emergency Medical Services, will continue receiving PPE from the AEMA.

Alberta will also trade surplus PPE with other provinces and territories, following previously established processes.

Organizations wanting to request PPE can do so online with the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Request Form

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