Morinville Seniors Empowered with Knowledge on Hearing Loss and Communication Strategies at Joyful Noise Program

Above and below: Rosie Badura holding one of the Hearing Hospital Kits that were provided to every attendee at the Joyful Noise free program held Tuesday morning at the MCCC.

by Lucie Roy

On Tuesday morning, one of the Seniors’ Week activities in Morinville was the Joyful Noise program at the Morinville Community Cultural Centre.

The presenter, Cindy Gordon, from the Edmonton Hard of Hearing Association-Edmonton Branch, gave a two-hour presentation on understanding hearing loss and hearing aids.

She emphasized that people over 65 should get their hearing tested yearly, and those with untreated hearing loss experience a 30-40 per cent greater decline in thinking abilities than those without hearing loss.

She spoke of depression and hearing loss and how those with hearing loss often find communication difficult, which can lead to stress, fatigue and social isolation.

The four best communication tips she provided include facing the person when you speak and not covering your mouth, saying their name first or tapping them on the shoulder before you start talking, speaking clearly and slowly and, if not successful, using a pen and paper.

Speechreading was covered, and the difference between it and lipreading. Speechreading is taking in all the visual cues to understand the speaker better; this would be their facial expressions, gestures, posture and the mouth- lip, jaw, tongue and teeth.,

All types of hearing aids, styles, shapes and technology were covered as well as other devices, amplified phones, visual fire alarm, clock base that fits under a pillow to wake up and more.

A brief overview of the audiograms, cord-to-clip hearing aids to clothing to prevent loss, and tips on battery replacement was followed by information on cochlear implants.

In Alberta, children are covered for two implants, but only one cochlear implant is covered for adults. You decide which ear you want to hear from. In other provinces, they cover both ears.

Each participant in Tuesday’s event received a Hearing Hospital Kit containing a tips brochure, a face me badge to clip to your pillow or gown, Yellow International Symbol sheet, International hearing stickers, Green hearing aid/ cochlear implant information card, Pink communications tips sign and card, battery tester, pen and paper and a plastic bag and container for the hearing aids when they are not worn.



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