Alberta Extends Fuel Tax Pause, Providing Relief for Residents

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by Morinville Online Staff

Alberta’s Cabinet and Treasury Board have voted to extend the fuel tax pause until the end of the year, delivering on a campaign promise made by Premier Danielle Smith and the United Conservatives. The government says the decision aims to alleviate the financial concerns of Albertans grappling with the rising cost of living.

The extended fuel tax pause means that Albertans will continue to save 13 cents per litre until December, an approximate savings of $6 to $18 per fill-up for an average Alberta family.

The government says that since its introduction, the fuel tax pause program has already saved Albertans $1.5 billion and that the extension is expected to save an additional $520 million for residents.

Premier Danielle Smith reaffirmed the government’s commitment to affordability, stating, “We are committed to keeping life affordable for Alberta families. Saving Albertans money when they fill up is Step 1 of this commitment. We will work every day to ensure that Alberta families can put more of their hard-earned money toward their essential needs.”

The fuel tax pause was initially implemented in April 2022 and was temporarily halted in January of this year to combat high inflation. With this extension, Albertans will continue to get the exemption of 13 cents in taxes per litre of gasoline and diesel until at least December 31.

Nate Horner, President of the Treasury Board and Minister of Finance, highlighted the impact of these savings on Albertans’ wallets, saying, “These savings have and will continue to have a real impact on the pocketbooks of Albertans. This measure is just one of many to help Albertans with the rising cost of living, and it’s relief we can provide thanks to Alberta’s strong fiscal position.”


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