Alberta RCMP caution farmers of grant fraud

submitted by Alberta RCMP

Alberta RCMP are investigating a complaint of a farm grant fraud. The investigation has revealed that the victim signed up for a farm grant on a website that came up during a Google search.

The website asked for a fee to be submitted with the business plan. When no assistance or funds came, the victim asked for a refund, which also never came. Finally, they contacted 310-FARM who advised him that it was a fraud and that loan programs never ask for any fees or referrals up front.

Alberta RCMP want to remind citizens of the following:
• Farm grant programs such as 310-FARM provide free assistance/referrals;
• The 310-Farm (previously known as Ag-Info Centre) should only be access through; and
• It is illegal for any grant or loan program to ask for an upfront fee.

Call the Alberta Farmers’ Advocate Office (403-742-7901) or toll free 310-FARM if you are unsure about a grant program.

If you have been a victim of fraud or would like more information on all the different fraudulent scams in Canada, visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre @

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