Nally Mandate Letter Focuses on Business Growth and Support for Alberta Seniors

by Morinville Online Staff

Premier Danielle Smith has issued her mandate letter to Minister of Service Alberta and Red Tape Reduction, Dale Nally.

In her letter, Premier Smith emphasizes the need to expand the Alberta Advantage by incorporating regulatory and approval advantages. This move aims to create a more business-friendly environment, attracting investments and driving economic prosperity across the province. Additionally, the Premier calls upon Minister Nally to fulfill a platform commitment to support Alberta seniors by implementing a 25 percent discount on all personal registry services, camping fees, and medical driving tests.

The mandate letter outlines a range of crucial tasks entrusted to Minister Nally, highlighting the significance of each endeavor:

  1. Developing Alberta’s Online Gaming Strategy: The Minister is urged to collaborate with Indigenous partners to finalize and implement the province’s online gaming strategy. Emphasis is placed on ensuring responsible gaming practices while generating revenue for both the province and Indigenous communities.
  2. Streamlining AGLC Operations: Minister Nally is tasked with reviewing Alberta Gaming, Liquor, and Cannabis (AGLC) operations to eliminate red tape in the liquor and cannabis industries. This move is expected to enhance provincial revenue generation and increase contributions from AGLC-regulated industries to support Alberta charities and community facilities.
  3. Addressing Land Titles Turnaround Times: The Minister is required to diagnose and implement short-term and long-term solutions to expedite turnaround times in Land Titles, facilitating more efficient approvals and eliminating backlogs.
  4. Establishing Hydrogen and EV Recharge Stations: The mandate involves seeking expressions of interest from private sector investors to set up a network of hydrogen vehicle and electric vehicle (EV) recharge stations throughout the province. Special attention will be given to partnering with retail and hospitality industries while expanding the commercial safety rest areas program.
  5. Reducing Permit Approval Wait Times: Minister Nally is directed to focus on red tape reduction by measuring, benchmarking, and reducing wait times for permit approvals across all ministries. The possibility of adopting an “automatic yes” policy for permits within a reasonable time frame, unless a written rationale for rejection is provided, will also be examined.
  6. Prompt Payment Legislation: The Minister is expected to consult on extending prompt payment legislation to Government of Alberta projects. Additionally, any outstanding regulatory work on the current legislation should be completed swiftly to address payment-related issues in the construction industry.
  7. Procurement Council Formation: Continuing to act on the MacKinnon Panel’s recommendation, Minister Nally is tasked with forming a procurement council to facilitate regular dialogue between major procurement ministries and industry organizations involved in supplying goods and services to the Government of Alberta.
  8. Improving Adjudication Process: Collaborating with the Minister of Justice, the Minister must develop an adjudication process to handle disputes and enhance recourse for contractors and subcontractors in the event of non-payment claims.
  9. Condominium Property Act Amendments: Passing and implementing amendments to the Condominium Property Act, as previously directed by Cabinet.
  10. Life-Lease Protections: Undertaking an analysis of life-lease protections across provinces and providing recommendations to ensure appropriate protections for Albertans.

In response to the mandate, Minister Nally expressed determination to fulfill the outlined priorities, emphasizing the crucial role of his ministry in touching the lives of every Albertan. He reaffirmed the commitment to eliminate the backlog in Land Titles and reduce government red tape, ultimately working towards making Alberta an even better place to live, work, and raise a family.

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