Alberta RCMP Issues Over 2,000 Tickets During Labour Day Long Weekend

by Morinville Online Staff

During the Labour Day long weekend, the Alberta RCMP Traffic division was out in full force across the province, cracking down on traffic safety violations. From September 1 to September 4, 2023, a total of 2,124 tickets were issued by Alberta RCMP officers.

Of the tickets handed out, a staggering 1,124 were for speeding, 41 were for distracted driving, and 46 were related to liquor and cannabis offenses. Perhaps most concerning, 50 tickets were issued to individuals not wearing their seat belts, one of the most fundamental safety precautions.

“In a four-day period, we issued over 2,000 tickets; 2,000 tickets for what should, by this point, be common sense. Everyone knows the risks of speeding. Everyone knows the risk of driving under the influence,” remarked Insp. Chris Romanchych, Officer in Charge of Alberta RCMP Traffic Services. He went on to emphasize, “The decision to break the rules of the road is an extremely selfish one that does not consider how your choices may affect others. Saving a couple of minutes by speeding isn’t worth risking the lives of others. I would hope that people consider the cost of a cab as less than the cost of a life.”

Tragically, a combination of factors, including excessive speed, impaired driving, and improper use of safety equipment, contributed to five fatal motor vehicle collisions over the long weekend, resulting in six fatalities.

The Alberta RCMP underscores that traffic safety is a collective responsibility. They urge all Albertans to plan ahead, ensuring they have enough time to reach their destinations safely. It is crucial to abstain from getting behind the wheel if you are planning to use drugs or alcohol. Furthermore, exercise caution and consider postponing travel if highway conditions are not optimal.

For additional traffic safety information and updates, the public is encouraged to follow the Alberta RCMP on Facebook (@RCMPinAlberta) and Twitter (@RCMPAlberta). Together, we can make our roads safer for all.

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