Majority of Canadians want removal of carbon tax from home heating bills

by Staff

A recent Leger poll indicates that 57 percent of Canadians want the federal government to eliminate the carbon tax from every Canadian’s home heating bill.

Canadian Taxpayers Federation Federal Director Franco Terrazzano emphasized what he sees as widespread sentiment against taxing Canadians for heating their homes, stating, “The majority of Canadians don’t think the government should be taxing people for heating their homes.” He further pointed out the regional consensus, emphasizing, “The numbers from every region show Canadians know it’s unfair to give some people a break on their home heating bills, but not everyone.”

Terrazzano called on the federal government to heed the people’s demands and take action, saying, “The federal government needs to listen to the people and take the carbon tax off of home heating bills.”

While the federal government has already committed to removing the carbon tax from home heating oil for a period of three years, this relief only extends to roughly three percent of Canadian households.

The Leger poll, commissioned by the CTF, specifically sought to gauge public opinion on removing the carbon tax from all forms of home heating energy. The results of the poll paint a picture of public sentiment:

Fifty-seven percent of Canadians support carbon tax relief for all home heating, while 21 percent oppose extending the carbon tax exemption, and another 22 per cent were unsure.

The Leger poll also revealed consistent support for the removal of the carbon tax from all home heating across various regions in Canada.

Atlantic Canada and British Columbia had the highest support at 66 and 64 per cent respectively.  Saskatchewan and Manitoba both saw 60 percent support, while Ontario was 58 per cent and Alberta had 54 per cent support. The lowest support was Quebec at 50 per cent.

Terrazzano emphasized the importance of ongoing advocacy, stating, “The majority of Canadians already want the carbon tax taken off all home heating bills, but this fight is just starting.” He highlighted the fact that over 20 percent of Canadians are yet to form a stance on the issue, suggesting that as more people become informed, a growing number will demand relief from the carbon tax.

An Opposition motion in the House of Commons on Monday failed 186 to 136 with the Liberals and Bloc opposed and the NDP supporting the Conservative motion.

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