RCMP educate citizens regarding new motor vehicle collision reporting

submitted by St. Albert RCMP

In wake of the Provincial Government’s recent announcement of the collision reporting threshold being raised from $2000 to $5000 combined damage, which will take effect on January 1, 2024, St Albert RCMP would like to educate citizens what to do and what their obligations are if they are involved in a motor vehicle collision in the New Year:

  • Check yourself, your passengers, as well as the other vehicle occupants to see if medical help is required. If so, call 911 immediately for an ambulance.
  • If an ambulance is not required, please take a quick picture of the vehicles, then move them out of the roadway to a safe location if they are driveable.  Ensure the other driver knows to meet you there.
  • If the vehicles are NOT driveable AND blocking traffic, call the RCMP at 780-458-7700 or 911.
  • Once parked in a safe location, take a picture or record the other driver’s license, registration and insurance.  Ensure the other driver takes a picture of your documents as well.  Also, exchange phone numbers.  At this point, you are free to leave without police attending.
  • Contact your insurance company and advise them you were in a collision. They will give you instructions on how/where to tow your vehicle and how to obtain damage estimates.  Follow the insurance company’s directions for repair.
  • When you obtain your estimate:

1) if under $5000, call the other driver to determine if combine damage exceeds $5000

2) if over $5000, call and report to RCMP at 780-458-7700

There is no need to report your motor vehicle collision to the police UNLESS one or more of the following occurs:

  1. Injury is involved
  2. Either driver fails to exchange information as outlined above, or drives away before exchanging info (Hit & Run)
  3. The damage amount of all vehicles and property combined is over $5000.


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