Intersection Safety is January RCMP traffic safety focus

by Staff

Motorists should pay attention to their intersection actions this month as Alberta RCMP and their partners will have their eyes on intersection safety this month as part of their monthly education and awareness initiatives.

RCMP reminds motorists that interesting are known hotspots for traffic incidents involving motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians. Recent data indicates that the most common improper driver actions contributing to casualty collisions include failing to obey stop signs, running red lights, and making unsafe left turns.

Sgt. Darrin Turnbull of the Alberta RCMP emphasizes the need for caution and adherence to Right of Way rules. “When approaching an intersection, always be prepared for the unexpected. Pay attention to pedestrians, changing lights, and other drivers before proceeding through an intersection,” Turnbull said in a Jan. 9 media release. “Traffic safety is everyone’s responsibility, and we all have a part to play.”

To promote safer practices, Alberta RCMP provides the following intersection #TrafficSafety tips:

For Drivers:

  1. Slow down as you approach an intersection; stop and check all traffic before proceeding.
  2. Obey traffic signs and signals; make a full stop at red lights and stop signs, even when turning right.
  3. At a four-way stop, adhere to the Right of Way rule; yield to the vehicle on your right.
  4. Leave ample room between your vehicle and the one in front; unexpected stops can happen.
  5. Use your signal when making turns; ensure it is safe to turn left before doing so.

For Pedestrians:

  1. Never jaywalk; check traffic before crossing and proceed only when it is safe.
  2. Always use crosswalks and pedestrian-activated signals when available.
  3. Avoid distractions; remove headphones and put away electronic devices while crossing the street.
  4. Make eye contact with drivers to ensure they see you.

More traffic safety info can be found on the Alberta RCMP’s social media channels – Facebook @RCMPinAlberta and X (formerly Twitter) @RCMPAlberta.

February’s Alberta Traffic Safety initiative is distracted driving, March will be seatbelts, and April will once again focus on speeding.

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