Coming Up At Council

compiled by Staff

Morinville Town Council will meet for its first of two regular meetings on Tuesday, Apr. 9 at 4 p.m. There are several items on the agenda for discussion, debate and decision.

Council Remuneration Review Committee Bylaw

The upcoming council discussion includes a request to approve the 3rd Reading of the Council Remuneration Review Committee Bylaw No. 10/2024. The rationale behind this bylaw is to establish a committee comprising solely Morinville electors, ensuring neutrality in reviewing and recommending remuneration for future council members. The committee’s mandate includes ensuring fair compensation while upholding fiscal responsibility and transparency. Two alternatives are proposed: delegating the authority to appoint committee members to the CAO (Alternative 1) or having the council appoint members (Alternative 2). Alternative 1 is recommended for its impartiality and efficiency, though concerns about the council’s role limitations exist. Alternatively, Alternative 2 grants the council more control over committee composition but raises issues of potential bias and longer appointment timelines. The decision will impact the committee’s neutrality, efficiency, and overall transparency of council remuneration processes. Council remuneration is a regular mid-term discussion for council.

Council Procedural Bylaw

Council will consider the approval of the 3rd Reading of Procedure Bylaw No. 1/2024, driven by several factors. Firstly, it aims to fulfill previous council directives established in March and February 2024, ensuring alignment with the Municipal Government Act (MGA) and integrating industry best practices to enhance Morinville’s governance framework. Proposed amendments stem from motions previously passed by the council. Upon approval, the impact will be reflected in council proceedings and communicated through updated online resources. Two alternatives are presented: further amending the bylaw based on council motions, which may delay compliance and governance improvements, or seeking external expert opinion for a comprehensive review, which could introduce valuable insights but may prolong the decision-making process and incur additional costs.

Community Grant Approvals

The forthcoming discussion centers on allocating the 2024 Community Grant and Support Applications. Council previously approved an updated policy, delineating two funding categories: Community Grants and Support Grants. Current applications include requests from the Morinville Curling Club and the Sturgeon Hockey Club for Support Grant funding. Options for Council consideration include allocating a percentage of funds to either or both organizations, allocating the full amount to one organization, or postponing allocation to await further applications. Each option carries implications for addressing immediate needs, prioritizing funding, or broadening the scope of consideration. Budgetary implications indicate a total support grant funding of $5,000, with current requests exceeding available funds. The next steps involve disbursement of funds and continued acceptance of future applications if funds remain unused.

Closed Session

There are no items for closed session in the Apr. 9 Agenda Package.



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