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MP Dane Lloyd raises questions and concerns during Committee of the Whole opportunity

It was a great day for democracy because it’s the first time since the House rose on Mar. 13 that the opposition parties have had an opportunity in a parliamentary forum to as pertinent questions of the government, and hold them accountable for failures of mistakes that they’ve made, or to ask them what they are doing about important files,” Lloyd said of Saturday’s sitting […]

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Council to host next COW meeting at Heritage lodge

Council will be holding its next meeting at the Heritage Place Lodge at 101 Avenue and 100 Street on May 16, following a unanimous vote from Council. This vote came after a motion from Councillor Stephen Dafoe, with almost no debate from Council. […]

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Coming up at Morinville Town Council

Town Council has a lot to discuss at their informal Committee of the Whole meeting Mar. 20.

In addition to two presentations, one on the Northern Alberta Baseball League and one from South Glens resident Warren Maskoske on potential lights at Cardiff Road and 100 Street, Council has five meaty topics to delve into. […]