National Column: Grits positioned to craft stable minority

With the wind at his back in the last week of the campaign, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is asking voters to give his party a majority on Monday. To measure what a feat that would be, consider that to reach the magic majority number of 170, the Liberals – with 36 MPs at dissolution – would have to more than quadruple their seats next week. […]


Morinville will vote in new federal riding this fall

It became official after Prime Minister Stephen Harper met with Governor General David Johnson on Sunday: Canada’s 42nd election campaign is on.

Canadians will vote in a general election on October 19 following a 78-day campaign, more than double the usual length in recent decades. […]

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Editorial & Opinion

Letter: MP Storseth not seeking re-election

Dear Editor,

After much consideration, my wife Amel and I have decided that I will not be running in the next federal election. I will fulfill my term as the Member of Parliament for Westlock – St. Paul and continue to serve my constituents until the next election… […]

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Province credits solid planning to lower deficit forecast

By staff

Edmonton – Alberta’s Minister of Finance, Lloyd Snelgrove, announced Wednesday that higher oil prices and near-record land sales have lowered Alberta’s expected deficit for 2011-2012 to $1.3 billion, a 60 per cent decrease from budget projections released last spring… […]

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Editorial & Opinion

Editorial: Daisies and attack ads

It’s 1964 and a little girl stands in a field of daisies. She’s holding one in her hand and like all children of that era; she makes her own entertainment with the flower. She begins to pluck off a petal at a time, counting down one by one. But soon, the little girl’s out of sequence counting is replaced with the countdown of an adult, finger on the button of a nuclear warhead, ready to launch the world into certain Armageddon … […]