National Column: Conservatives are lost in translation

For a measure of how bad Tuesday’s French-language Conservative leadership debate actually was, consider that Kevin O’Leary – the reality-show personality who has just joined the long list of contenders to succeed Stephen Harper – probably scored in absentia. […]


National Column: French still key for Tory hopefuls

First, some somewhat encouraging news for the 11 non-Quebec candidates who are gathering in the province’s capital for the only French-language debate of the federal Conservative leadership campaign. The Quebec Conservatives who hold the second-largest number of leadership votes are not – in principle at least – wedded to the concept of having a native son as party leader. […]


National Column: Funds key to clinching Tory leadership

It is a political rule of thumb that defeated incumbents tend to drown their sorrows in money and it turns out the federal Conservatives are no exception.

At $5 million, the spending limit imposed on each of the candidates who will vie to replace Stephen Harper between now and next spring is more than five times higher than the maximum allowed for the leadership contest that resulted in Justin Trudeau’s election. […]


Griffiths announces bid for PC leadership

By Stephen Dafoe

Edmonton – Battle River-Wainwright MLA Doug Griffiths announced Tuesday morning he will run for the leadership of the Alberta Progressive Conservatives. The candidate submitted his resignation to the Premier as Parliamentary Assistant to Finance and Enterprise.

Making his announcement from the McKay Avenue School, which served as Alberta’s first legislature, Griffiths said a lot has changed in the century… […]

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Hinton mayor announces Alberta Party leadership bid

By Staff

Edmonton – Former Deputy Premier Doug Horner and former finance Minister Ted Morton are not the only ones who have announced their intentions to run as head of their party. Tuesday morning three-term Hinton Mayor Glenn Taylor announced his plans to seek the leadership of the Alberta Party… […]