COVID-19 restrictions

Province reintroduces COVID restrictions

Albertans will head into the long weekend with the reintroduction of COVID-19 restrictions. The province announced Friday that masks will be mandatory in all indoor public places and workplaces effective 8 a.m. Saturday morning. Bars and restaurants will also once again have to end liquor sales at 10 p.m., and Albertans are encouraged to limit their social interactions to close contacts only.  […]

Morinville News

UCP add referenda items and Senate nominees to fall municipal election ballot

Morinvillians heading to the polls on Oct. 18 won’t just be choosing their next mayor and six councillors. The UCP government has decided to ask Albertans the important questions about daylight savings time or whether equalization is fair. They will also be asked to vote for Senate nominees.  […]

fuel taxes

55,000 road tests given in first two months of 2021

Alberta registry agents say they have successfully delivered to Albertans more than 55,000 passenger vehicle road tests in January and February of this year, the first two months since the re-privatization of the majority of road test examiners.  […]


Lockdown raises cost Albertans $18.7 million, CTF says

The Canadian Tax Payers Federation announced Wednesday that documents it has obtained, through a freedom of information request, indicate that more than 7,300 Alberta government employees received pay raises in 2020. […]

Editorial & Opinion

Letter: Curriculum rewrite troubling on many levels

As an Alberta teacher, I’ve had some time to reflect over the holidays and while there is a lot I am thankful for, there is also a lot I could be angry about. I could be upset that the UCP has significantly reduced the overall per-student budget allocation despite their commitment to maintain funding. I could be upset that they laid off most of our EAs during a pandemic and that students have far fewer supports this year. […]

COVID-19 restrictions

NDP call for emergency debate on record COVID-19 cases and premier’s lack of action

Alberta’s NDP Official Opposition announced Sunday night it will seek emergency debate Monday afternoon on the weekend’s record COVID-19 case counts. Sunday saw 1584 new cases, an increase from Saturday’s record of 1336 cases. The NDP charge that the government is not providing information to Albertans and that Premier Jason Kenny is not being public accountable.  […]


AHS cuts and outsourcing to save $600 million

Following on a February 2020 report that identified 57 recommendations and 72 saving opportunities, the Government of Alberta is now directing Alberta Health Services (AHS) to implement a portion of their plan. […]