Morinville Council briefs

By Morinville News Staff

Library trustees approved

Morinville Town Council approved the appointment of three new trustees to the Town of Morinville Library Board Nov. 13. Sturgeon County resident Amy Guenette and Morinville residents Stacy Buga and Barb Haberer were approved by Council and now bring the library board’s number to 10 trustees, the maximum number allowed under the province’s Libraries Act.

Council also accepted the Library Board’s new bylaws as information at the same meeting.

Cultural Centre fees put on hold

Council voted to table new fees for the Morinville Community Cultural Centre until they can have a closer look at how and how much the facility charges users.

Director of Community Services Kerry Dawson brought a fee schedule with seven significant changes for 2013. Proposed changes include reducing the day rate from 18 hours to 12, charging commercial users and non-residents a 25 per cent premium above resident rate, adding linen charges to rentals instead of including them in bookings, and charging additional for the use of the cultural centre’s kitchen.

Councillors, including Paul Krauskopf, expressed concern the new fees take away some services that were included in the old pricing structure, a situation that would create a price increase by their no longer being included.

Earlier in the evening Council heard from resident Mavis Duperron who put a deposit down in July for a wedding in July of 2013 but had yet to learn what she would be paying for the facility.

Councillor Sheldon Fingler put forward a motion that Council charge 2012 rates for those who have booked and put down a deposit on the facility for next year, and that the arrangement remain in place until Council approves the new fee structure. “I think there is so much that needs to be reviewed in regard to the CCC that I would make a motion to table the rest of this discussion,” Fingler said before calling for the tabling of the rate approval.

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