Clockwork Mysteries was Spellbinding Fun


Show Review By Ashley Janes
Photos and Video By Stephen Dafoe

Last Friday night an excited crowd gathered at the Morinville Community Cultural Centre to watch the first magic show the venue had ever hosted. The illusionist was Ted Outerbridge and the production, Clockwork Mysteries, had generated a lot of interest in the weeks leading up to the show date. Like all witnesses to an illusion, the town wanted to know: how does he do it?

Perhaps that is why the Cultural Centre set a box office record, or maybe it was the hype surrounding the company itself. After all, critics have called them “the most successful touring illusion show in the country” and Outerbridge is renown, having worked in Hollywood and as a consultant with the Cirque de Soliel. It appeared that, no matter what the reason for attending, the audience was in for a night of thrills and surprises … and that is exactly what they got.

Outerbridge13-webCoupled by his partner and wife, Marion, there was never a dull moment when the duo were on the stage. Even if some audience members were able to figure out a trick or two, illusions such as their Tango Flotanta (when Outerbridge levitates Marion) have likely stumped the Morinville masses. Some stunts were accomplished with such intense precision and speed that there is no other explanation for their happening than the presence of magic.

This being said, the charm of the show extended far beyond their illusions because Outerbridge and Marion are true, multi-talented entertainers. A classically trained dancer and performer, Marion captivated the audience with every movement she made and beside her was Outerbridge, exercising his natural gifts as a comedian. His clever and dry wit was diverse enough to amuse children and adults alike, leaving the audience laughing out loud in their seats. Every moment that the Outerbridge’s were on stage, the audience belonged to them and there is no better setting to inspire awe.

By throwing all of these ingredients into a hot performance cauldron, the Outerbridge’s have made the perfect potion for a spellbinding show and, as the night came to a close, the audience was on their feet clapping and cheering for more. Before leaving the stage, Outerbridge admitted to the crowd: “People are nice here and I love it here.” Well, judging by the lineup to meet and greet the couple in the lobby afterwards, the people of Morinville liked him too.















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  1. Another great performance at the Community Cultural Centre with a record crowd to enjoy and participate.
    Excellent photography Stephen.

  2. I posted this to my Facebook but think that it should be said here in a public forum.

    First of all, the show was great. I had the pleasure of attending the event with my family and my two daughters had a fantastic time!

    Second, and why I think it should be noted in public, is it was great to see the Mayor attend and participate, it was great to see Councillor’s Boutesteine and Fingler attend and it was also great to see so many senior administration attend the event and really help promote the MCCC and Morinville as a whole with their attendance.

    The MCCC and these family oriented events are vitally important for a young town like Morinville to both attract new people and to keep current citizens interested in living in town.

    This event had great sponsorship, fantastic media coverage (Well done, fantastic promotional work by the MCCC team and a really exciting talent on stage. All of that turned into great attendance and a lot of fun being had by all.

    Thank you to all who worked hard! I can’t wait for the Bluesberries in April!

  3. Well worth the money. The show even went on dispite a medical emergency with one of their crew before the show started.

    My only regret was that I didn’t bring my grand-daughter to see it.

    I hope they come back with a new show later in the year.

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