Letter: Resident wants some action on Cardiff Road


I have sent emails to MLA Kubinec, talked to her on the phone, and met with Alberta Transportation representatives months ago to suggest temporary solutions to make this corner safer.

My previous contact with [MLA] Kubenic was last spring around the time of the provincial election. I would like to illustrate my suggestion graphically. I met with two representative from Alberta Transportation, in person at the Cardiff corner at the request of Kubenic, and showed them the problem and a viable solution until the overpass was constructed. This suggestion is shared by many and is not a stroke of genius. Anyone who drives out of Morinville knows what needs to happen.

The basics of the suggestion was to move the northbound exit lane (onto Cardiff Road) to the east by one lane width and extend this new exit lane to the south further than the present one. Where the old turning lane was then becomes a dividing median separating the thru traffic from the right exiting traffic. This permits a clear of northbound traffic for the motorists turning south (left) across onto Highway 2 southbound.

After meeting with Alberta Transportation for about 20 minutes I had the feeling that they were there only to appease Ms. Kubenic. After that, I heard nothing from Alberta Transportation or Ms. Kubenic and assumed that construction on the overpass would begin this spring (now).

I also note that Morinville Town Council has said nothing to speak of since a further delay was announced a few weeks ago [Mar. 10].

I know that our firemen and ambulance drivers shake in their boots when they get a call to this corner hoping that it`s not to collect more dead bodies or seriously injured men, women and children from our community.

Let`s have a meaningful update from [MLA] Kubinec with specific dates and deadlines.

Dale Metcalfe

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  1. Hear Hear!!!!

    I’d like to recommend a quick fix as an addendum to the well-thought idea above. Because our beaurocrats find it so easy to do nothing and blame it on budgets, why not implement a super-low-cost fix for now, untila few hundred thousand can be squeezed to actually move the exit lane?

    The biggest problem at that corner is that people at the stop sign can’t see past exiting traffic, and sometimes they THINK the northbound travel lanes are clear because an exiting vehicle is blocking their view. If the exiting traffic is encouraged to move over further, just a couple feet, the problem would be reduced. The exit lane has a single dotted line separating it from the northbound travel lane. If instead that dotted line is painted into a solid one, and another added that clearly marks the exit lane’s existence at 24 inches further East, exiting traffic will not be blocking as much view of people at the stop sign.

    Just paint a couple lines that clearly move the exit lane a couple feet East. The asphalt is already available for this. Don’t delay any more, elected politicians. You can save lives or ignore this and continue your excuses about budgets or it being somebody else’s responsibility.


  2. I agree with John and suggested something similar when the delay was announced back in March. I would go even further than a lane-width and angle the exit lane 50-100 metres to the east so that there is no doubt when the way to cross Hwy 2 is clear. We don’t need an overpass, we need visibility.

  3. Thanks for your efforts Dale. We often like to complain but leave the actions to correct problems to others.

    I too have emailed MLA Kubinec but never did receive a response. Your suggestion on moving the northbound exit lane one lane width is a suggestion that I totally agree with.

    Over the past few years I have phoned Robert Krawler at Alberta Transporation (780-464-4645) regarding the terrible potholes in this same piece of road and at the north entrance to Morinville. He has been excellent in having crews out in only days to deal with the problems.

    Not sure if Robert could be of any assistance to you Dale but it is an idea.

    Unfortunately it will take an accident with loss of life to eventually put pressure on our elected officials to do anything. I now being a senior avoid this intersection during rush hour traffic but for those who have no other choice and must use it, they must feel likey are playing Russian Roulette with their lives everytime they enter it.

    Please continue your efforts Dale. They are appreciated.

  4. Thanks Dale for your efforts and letter on keeping this item alive.

    Linda and Cliff

  5. Quick, inexpensive fixes seem like a no brainier at this point after the message that has been sent by those already injured or worse. Yet, those voted in position are doing nothing…..wow, how political of them. Seriously, why can’t they just do their jobs rather than wasting people’s times and risking lives? Do they really lack the political akills to make things happen? Perhaps for once this town’s political backbones could attempt to make a difference rather than make devastating headlines. And the sad part is, we as the voters (also their victims) have provided them the power to do what they do. Kubinec, I suggest you perform…..or get off the pot.

  6. This would be to simple of a fix for the current Alberta Gov. I can’t wait until it’s election time!!

  7. The overpass is delayed by at least 3 years so we definitely need to have them move the exit lane over to make it safe. We need this done ASAP no excuses lives are more important!

  8. I don’t know if it has been brought up before or not but one idea that I think could improve safety is to change the speed limit to 80km/h on Hwy 2 through this zone.

  9. If at first you don’t succeed try, try again! Thank you Linda for Maureen Kubinec’s email address. I have sent another email off today to MLA Kubinec and this time I hope to receive a reply.

    Thanks Dale for starting the ball rolling again.

  10. Bryon, personally I would prefer not tampering with the highway speed limit. It is more than fine. Reducing the speed limit would only add to the frustation and uncertainty that already exists. Improving the sightlines, as already stated, would be a wonderfull idea.

  11. Thank you Linda for the email address. I hope to receive a reply back. I encourage all who are concerned to send in requests for updates and voice your concerns with demand for a prompt change. Each day we all drive thorough that area is dangerous and I think negligence of improvement here is critical due to volumes.

  12. I’ve sent in a letter to our MLA and have, received response. It was communicated that a meeting between the Mayor, the Minister and Maureen is being set up to further our cause. As for a date to that meeting, that was not communicated. I will follow up.

  13. Well done Lisa (and the others who have refused to give up on this issue)…

    Unfortunately, if anyone actually thinks that something REALLY positive is about to emanate from this meeting, I would certainly enjoy some of what you’re smoking!

    Pessimism? Absolutely! Our MLA is very much a lightweight backbencher in a 61-member caucus (each of whom has his/her OWN “axe to grind”) of a party which is in deep financial trouble. You should all know by now that, regardless of how logical YOUR plan may be, if it’s not following the party line THEIR plan offers – YOURS is toast!

    Does that mean you/we should give up?

    NOT ON YOUR LIFE! Just don’t forget, come election day, how we all continue to be treated by these folks!

    Git ‘R Done!

  14. I’ve offered to pay for the paint and paint the lines myself. All I ask is a get-out-of-jail free card, because I’d probably be arrested……

  15. Well, I’m still waiting to hear of a date on that meeting Maureen said she’d be having. Its amazing the lip service these people though around! Was at the corner today and again witnessed a near miss. A video camera should be set up and sent in to show them the dangers. I’m considering publicizing this unacceptable roadwork myself. Or has that already been done?

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