Letter: Cardiff Park concerns


Here we are again; the start of the picnic season and already careless, negligent and ignorant folks are spoiling our beautiful park. We were out at dawn to Cardiff Park and at the picnic shelter on the north side of the park near the baseball diamond garbage was strewn everywhere. At first I thought it was ravens but ravens can’t turn over two picnic table and break one of them. Saturday we observed a truck at that site, the driver obviously waiting for his party to join him – I had thought vehicles were not allowed on the grassed areas!!!

Over at the baseball diamond within feet of the bottle barrel were at least five empty or partially empty bottles. What was the problem with throwing them in the barrel?

And if that wasn’t enough, at the shelter further north across the road near the playground, again garbage was strewn everywhere, and again, I doubt it was the wind or ravens as this group must have thought that the park doubled for land waste as they left a broken chair there. Again, Saturday there was a group at this site -was it them or another group Sunday?

Perhaps this is why the bridge on the footpath on the southside of the park has been broken for 2 seasons and not replaced. Perhaps the funds available for maintenance are spent cleaning up after thoughtless, careless people. I pity biking families, families with children in strollers and seniors because they can’t use that path and when it rains the gully is filled with water making it difficult for everyone.

It is sad and a shame that such a few people can spoil what is a beautiful little gem of a park.

Linda Osland

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  1. I agree with you completely the park is in horrible shape compared to what it used to be. However,I don’t think the problem is careless punk kids because every park has that, and other parks don’t look like Cardiff does now. The park used to have a full time crew with a supervisor who worked there all summer and took pride in the park. Now from what I’ve heard the park crew is gone and another department looks after the park. I’m not sure if the park is too much to handle for this department but it’s a real shame that the park looks the way it does now. Morinville has nothing to do with Cardiff park, sturgeon county does. Hopefully if enough people voice concerns to the county changes can be made.

  2. A license plate and vehicle description called into the police would be great help, if not already done. This is a case where these individuals lack the mental capacity to think before they act, clearly have forgotten their manners. This type of disrespect is what ruins the fun and peaceful enjoyment for everyone. Many things are vandalized in Cardiff. Also, most recent was vehicle entry and theft in our little hamlet. Perhaps the same wonderful humans who did this. The maintenance and upkeep of our parks is done by volunteers…..yes, people go out and VOLUNTEER their time to keep what we have in a good state. That includes the building of our bridges and playgrounds. They have also lived here for many years and watched this community grow, given into it the life and feel……only to see the constant vandalism. Skate shack used as a drinking tavern and occasionally a toilet. Picnic tables as firewood. Slides as pyro entertainment. I could go on. If everyone can do their part, report what you see in a timely fashion. If you have a phone with a camera, snap a shot….picture evidence with the culprits in it is fantastic 🙂 we are a small community and can clean up this behaviour before the very few who choose to destroy it…..destroy it for the masses.

  3. Well perhaps your complaints voiced to Sturgeon County will assist in a push for more funding. Again, this area is maintained by volunteers, not by the county. Any planned activities and events…..volunteers. Hall maintenance is hired out but some of the work, you guessed it….volunteers. So any Cardiff residents who wants to offer up some volunteer time, feel free to email me and I’ll put you in contact with the organizers 🙂 As for that weekend enforcement, I do believe citizens on patrol is an option/organization of volunteers that can help when available. But again anyone who sees suspicious activity should call it in to law enforcement. This falls under the Morinville RCMP detachment who will hopefully show up in a more timely fashion than I’ve seen previously. Well, at least before residents start taking it into their own hands.

  4. Sorry I’m not talking about the parks in Cardiff I’m talking about Cardiff Park by the golf course, which I thought the original letter referred to. I was a former employee of the county and took care of the park for years, hence my frustration with its current state. I think Lisa and I are talking about two different places so perhaps I should bring my concerns to the county.

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