Guest Editorial: Mayoral Candidate Sheldon Fingler

The Morinville News is opening its next two print editions to guest editorials from all four mayoral candidates. Today’s online edition editorial is from Sheldon Fingler. Tomorrow will have a guest editorial from Lisa Holmes. Next week’s print edition will offer spots to Carrie Foss and Christa Naughton.

Fingler portrait-WEBI am Sheldon Fingler and I am running for Mayor of Morinville. I was born, raised and educated in Morinville and have chosen to live, work and play in this community that I love. I am a family man and father of three school aged children. I have worked as a public works foreman and also launched my own business that I have built from the ground up and run successfully for 25 years. I know what it means to meet payroll, provide employment, and responsibly manage the everyday realities of running a successful business in a highly competitive marketplace.

Why I am running. I want to make Morinville a residential destination of choice and an attractive and affordable community with the best possible quality of life for young and growing families, seniors and singles. What do I bring? Strong leadership. I am approachable and I listen. People have often approached me to take a leadership role. I am prepared to get the facts and make decisions. I stay focused on the major issues and follow through.

I am listening to the issues and concerns of citizens. There are a number of areas that need attention. We need to focus on getting the best possible value for our tax dollars, we need to make strategic recreational and cultural investments, we need to undertake thoughtful economic development initiatives and we also need to pay careful attention to community safety strategies.

I am running because I believe in Morinville. I am dedicated to Morinville. I am focused on results. I know and respect our past and I am committed to what we can become together.

On election day I ask you to Vote Sheldon Fingler for Mayor.

Dedicated to Morinville and Committed to Results!

Thank you!

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  1. After reading this Editorial it seemed very familiar. Then I re-read the initial interview with Mr. Fingler and this is almost a carbon copy of that article, one could almost say this was a “cut and paste” of the first piece.

    Sheldon I as one resident of Morinville feel we deserve more than a ” cut and paste candidate”. For our mayor

  2. Well done Sheldon! I appreciate the consistency in your message and platform. You have my full support!

  3. After spending some time talking with Sheldon and learning more about his background and vision for Morinville, I am very confident that he has all the qualities necessary to lead this Town into a very successful future!

  4. I would respectfully disagree with Dave’s comment,and agree with Rayann’s.

    The fact that a candidate has identified key issues that they speak to with consistency throughout the campaign is not a weakness, in my opinion. Instead, it shows the forethought and organization that Sheldon has obviously put in prior to deciding to run for mayor. With such a concise, straightforward stance on the issues, residents will know exactly what to expect from Sheldon as mayor.

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