Rotary Park vandalism frustrating for service club

by Stephen Dafoe

Rotary Park’s washrooms have been vandalized once again, prompting the closure of the public washrooms. It is a situation that is leaving the philanthropic service club scratching their heads.

“It is so frustrating to see this go to waste, a washroom that is meant for the parents and children that use Rotary Park, be it soccer moms or for those who use the playground,” said outgoing Rotary President Simon Boersma.

The Rotary, who maintain the park that carries their name, funded the facilities a little more than a year ago; however, Boersma told Morinville News the washrooms have hardly been operational because of the vandalism from last year.

“Do those that have to vandalise not see the value in the Rotary Park bathrooms?” Boersma asked, noting he wants the vandals to understand there is a cost to the public when such behaviour takes place. “It is not only in the cost of repairs but also the cost to our local families and kids.”

There is no word at this time when the washrooms will reopen to the public.

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  1. unfortunatly the vandals would break the camera’s to. It is a real shame. my grandkids where playing in the park last night and we had to run home for a bathroom break

  2. I live across from this park and rarely see a patrol car go by (except for in the afternoon when we all know the heavy vandalism takes place). Maybe if the peace officers etc spent more time by our parks instead of setting up speed traps by the 50km/hr signs and on sunny side road the little pricks wouldn’t have so much time to wreck shit…

  3. Love this park and would really love to see the washrooms operational but it is so difficult when vandals keep ruining it. Tough situation for the community.

  4. Stupid kids literally have nothing better to do. Maybe if the police focused on this kind of stuff instead of harassing drivers that are going 5 over the speed limit we would be getting somewhere.

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