MCHS hands out the recognition

by Morinville News Staff

Morinville Community High School held its annual awards night Tuesday evening and doled out its largest array to date. A total of 366 awards valued at $19,355 were given to current and past students.

Among the awards were a large number of Alexander Rutherford Scholarship recipients, named after Alberta’s first Premier.

To receive the $2500 scholarship, a student must have a minimum combined average based on five designated courses in at least one grade: Grade 10, 11 or 12 as calculated from marks on a valid Alberta Transcript of High School Achievement. Option/CTS courses may also be considered. Those who meet the required overall average for Grades 10,11 or 12, receive a scholarship calculated accordingly.

Other awards given out Tuesday night included Grade Honours, Honours. Thirty students were recognized for Grade 9 Honours. Seventy-eight received Grade 10 Rutherford recognition, 64 Grade 11 Rutherford, and 68 Grade 12 Rutherford recognitions were given out.

In addition to awards for various areas of studies, students received awards and scholarships from local businesses and service clubs.

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